Casing Repair & Removal

Casing Repair & Removal:

MESA Services offers a wide range of casing repair and removal solutions, from addressing metallic or electrolytic shorts to implementing testing and monitoring devices in diverse environments. Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise and resources to get the job done right, no matter the challenge.

  • Metallic or Electrolytic Shorts: Using leading-edge technology, MESA Services can clear all metallic or electrolytic casing shorts.
  • Casing Testing and Monitoring: Using ‘keyhole’ or traditional methods, MESA Services can install testing or monitoring devices in any environment, including paved surfaces.
  • Casing End Seal Repair: MESA Services can remove and replace failed end seals, even where the annulus in not centric. We also have the ability to remove defective casing ends SAFELY while the pipeline remains in service using our industry-standard cold-cutting process.
  • Casing Removal, Replacement, or Bypass:  MESA Services can remove any existing casing or install bypass pipelines where it is not economical to remove. Bypass and replacement methods include boring and more traditional forms of replacement.

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